It is a universally known fact that doctors are techno-challenged. Yet, the world is spinning and changing its font so fast that we have to keep up ( Or we'll have improve our handwriting ! )

This is the simplest software that most doctors love, to manage their practice. It will do wonderfully for a small General Practice but it will also do fine for small to mid-sized hospitals. The Open-EMR (Electronic Medical Records) project is currently fund-starved (October 2016) so we don't know how long it will survive but the last working version worked fine. All you need to do is download it, change the name to your own and you are good to go. It can keep massive quantity of records, handle billing, tests and results and also dispense a pharmacy prescription. If you have a secretary or receptionist with a separate computer, you can share the software so that both of you have the same files, ie the receptionist enters a patient details and appointment and it will come up on your computer. A step-by-step instruction on installing and using Open EMR is written below.

For downloading,

Click on that link and you will be taken to the Open EMR download page. I would recommend downloading the first option on the page, "Pre-installed Open EMR with Xampp package". It just means that the server has already been configured for you. Just click 'Yes' or 'Next' to all the boxes and download to your computer. This will only take a few minutes.

After that, double click on the file which has been downloaded and click on 'Install'. This will extract all the files from the package and download it to your hard drive C:/. For me, this took about 40 minutes but it depends on how fast your computer is.

Now open a browser like you are going on to the internet and instead of typing, type localhost/openemr

This is the screen which comes up :


The default login credentials are Username : admin and Password : pass

And you're in !

This is the opening screen you get when you log in the first time :


There are just 3 more things I'll mention here and you're all set. The first thing you need to do is under the 'Miscellaneous' tab on the left, go to 'Password' and change the password for Admin. Then, a little above, under the 'Administration' tab, change the name of the Practice from the default one to that of your clinic or hospital.

The third thing is a little more involved and may require you to ask a friend who knows a little IT. What you have right now can be replicated in multiple computers who share a network. This can be either a wireless network or PCs connected by cable. If you know how to do this, just connect them, give usernames and passwords individually to all the users and.............

Voila, you have a fully functioning electronic medical records management system for your hospital - FOR FREE !!!