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RSS A Pathologist’s diary : Do biopsy specimens dream of organs ?

    ENDOMETRIOSIS Endometriosis is a condition where endometrium ( the endometrial glands and stroma ) is found outside the uterus. It Mainly occurs in the reproductive age group with an incidence of 5- 10 % Most often it is multifocal The Most common sites of endometriosis are as follows Ovary Pouch of Douglas(Cul-de-Sac) Ligaments of Uterus Fallopian […]
    CYTOCHEMICAL STAINS IN HEMATOLOGICAL NEOPLASMS. Author: Dr  Faheema Hasan, MD Pathology  cytochemical stains  are the special stains that can be performed on peripheral blood smears and bone marrow smears. They play a very important role in diagnosis, differentiation and classification of Leukemias. These stains can be 1) cytochemical stains ie they use cellular enzymatic reactions to […]
    CHRONIC PYELONEPHRITIS It is a chronic inflammation of the tubules and interstitium associated with fibrosis of the renal parenchyma. This is associated with distortion of the pelvicalyceal system. This is one of the most common cause of end stage kidney disease. Causes of chronic pyelonephritis The most common causes of chronic pyelonephritis are 1. REFLUX […]

RSS A surgeon’s practice – From inside, looking out…

  • About biceps- Two heads are better than one!
    Let me be frank. I am a scary dude because I have two heads. I swear it’s not my fault as I was born like this. My second name is brachii. That makes me Biceps brachii.Each of my heads arises from the scapula and gets inserted into the humerus. To get along well with my […]
  • Fistula - A brief history
    The barber and the surgeonDuring 17th century lived King Louis XIV. In the year 1685, he developed a swelling in his bum which became an abscess and finally a fistula.The king was rumoured to have bathed only twice in his lifetime because water was supposed to cause infections! In desperation, the services of the barber- […]
  • Jeep bottom!
    Imagine that you were a driver in the World war. You drive a jeep, fight for your country and do all that is required of you and make yourself feel proud. You are tired at the end of the day and just want to take rest. Suddenly you find that fluid is leaking from the […]