Email aims to provide free email addresses for all registered doctors in India, medical students, alternative medical practitioners (Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy, Native and traditional medicine) and dentists. The emails have been provided with latest security by atmail and can be used for both professional and personal communications, file sharing, opinions and referrals. Information exchanged over these emails is not the property of and will not be stored on our servers. Any loss of content or breach of confidentiality is at the risk of the email holder.

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If you are a registered doctor or dentist or a medical student and want to open a email account, please email a registration form from an alternative email address to Login and password details will be emailed to the alternative email address used by you to send your registration form. We aim to activate the emails within 5-7 working days so please check back in a week. PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE ANY CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION ON THE EMAILS. All the information requested for registration is available in the public domain.

Registration form :
Title (For eg: Consultant/Medical student/Postgraduate/Ayurvedic Physician/Registrar etc )
Registration number (If student, leave blank)
Registering authority (For eg, Karnataka Medical Council, Goa Medical council, etc. If student, leave blank)
Email address name preferences : (1) (2) (3) (For eg : aman.verma,amanv, aman_verma)