There is a huge disconnect between being a doctor and what people think being a doctor is like. While most doctors are hard-working, dedicated and good at their jobs, why are episodes of violence against doctors increasing ? Why is the medical profession becoming more and more disillusioned with fulfilling its purpose ? It's very easy to say this is because of increasing commercialization but doctors were paid fees for their service even before. It is a very old profession after all.

Once a 23 year old finishes medical school, he (or she) is faced with a large amount of choices, each one more confusing than the next. Go abroad ? Study for a few more years for post-graduate entrance exams ? Open a General Practice clinic ? Become a duty doctor in a hospital ? Join the army ? Apply for a Government job ? Try for IAS or MBA ?

Drs.net.in has been created to support the community of Indian doctors. For now, I hope it will be used for its email addresses, discussion forums, news feed and opinion pieces. A mobile app, which hadn't been planned but was suggested by a doctor colleague, is being released along with the website launch in keeping with the new trend in curated information. In time, what we hope is that Drs.net.in will become a virtual ecosystem supporting a doctor once he or she steps out of Medical school. Most of the people involved are practising clinicians so we are building what we need, to be doctors. For eg, a simple medical software, which can handle a small General practice clinic or a Nursing home is sorely needed. Gone are the days when a prescription chit could be given to a patient and he would preserve it like a life raft. And with rapid advances happening in western Medicine, we are still lagging behind in Asia. One instance : There are multiple health websites with vast amount of medical information about various diseases of the western world, symptoms, prevention and treatment. Quite a few doctors in US and Europe refer to these websites for their daily work, on the wards, in OPDs, etc. Yet, there isn't a single comprehensive source online for something like Chikungunya fever, which is fairly common in south India. Drs.net.in aims to become one such bridge between a practising clinician and technology.

Please call me or email me anytime if you have something useful to contribute.

Dr Anuroop Gogi
Consultant Gastroenterologist, Founder MD Drs.net.in
Tel : +91 81237 81279
15th August 2016