Why Drs.net.in

  1. Unlimited free email addresses @Drs.net.in to all registered doctors in India for professional and personal use
  2. A discussion forum, to dissect issues relevant to the medical community, whether they are political, legal, judicial or clinical
  3. Daily news feed on the website and on mobile app, to be connected on the go
  4. A platform for all doctors, current and future, to speak and be heard by peers

Research corner

Research is the bedrock of clinical practice. Easing the path of a innovation from bench to bedside needs to be a priority for all doctors, whether they are researchers or clinicians. Drs.net.in is fully supportive of the endeavour to bring the latest advances in industry, whether it's pharma, medical and surgical devices, health education or medical technology, to the doctor community. Get in touch with the Managing team if you have a proposal for collaborative research.

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